Diesels’ Salute to the Stupid!

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Inspired by Luc Godart’s “Bande à Part” movie, the Diesel video features 100 lucky selected people doing the famous dance in a very Diesel stupid way.  Created by the Diesel Creative team in partnership with agency Anomaly, the video is directed by French-born director Arno Salters; thanks to a special stop-motion technique, the music lovers featured rapidly change, along with their clothes, all while appearing to continue to smoothly follow the choreography of the dance. The film doubles as the debut video for breaking musical talent Josep Xorto, featuring the singer’s forthcoming track A Hundred Lovers.

Officially launched on www.diesel.com on March 26th, the video is fully interactive (of course!): you can pause it, rolling over individual items to get further product information and buy them online and also find info about the people featured, linking to their activities and interests on their social network personal pages.  Play now on: http://www.diesel.com/ahundredlovers!

Isn’t this a downright social media product revolution?

You can’t outsmart stupid – so don’t try. Long live stupid.


Written by Mister Three

April 7, 2010 at 10:22 am

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